Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A pig in lipstick is still a pig

Funny story, back when I lived in my sucky mainst. apartment there was a tenant who actually had a pig as a pet. Not some messy dog, or the super cute teeny weeny piglets...an actual PIG.

See?? Not joking!

Now, while I'm highly allergic, I'm all for pets, and I know that mainst is encouraging as well. Usually small dogs and cats. Now, in our building there were quite a few boxers and rottweilers, but they were quiet and well behaved, so now complaints here. But a PIG? A squeally, annoying farm animal? How did that fit into the scheme of things.....

Well, if you've ever looked really close at a property, they're pigs. Pigs in fancy dress and makeup but pigs none the less. The paint on my cabinets must have been 4 lifetimes thick. Instead of cleaning, let's just repaint. How do I know this? Well, when we went to move, and got on top to clean the tops of the cupboards (we're thorough) they were disgusting. I had only been there for 2 years, so not nearly long enough to build up what we found. It was so thick it essentially ATE a SOS pad. Grease and cigarette smoke so thick that bleach and other various cleaning tools found it impenetrable.

When doing you're move in report, do it in the daylight, and bring a flashlight. The sunlight helps you to see dirt/dust, and the flashlight to shine a light on all the nooks and crannies. Make sure you do a thorough walk through WITH YOUR MANAGER PRESENT!! Don't let them bail out and go do paperwork. They're required to be there, and it could come back to haunt you. 

Better yet....don't even move in

I'm amazed at the number of people who have read/commented. It all blows me away. Could you let me know how you're finding my small, never updated ranty blog? I no longer live there, but obviously there's still tons of complaints....

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

They cannot hold onto staff

I've lived here for nearly two years. We've gone through 4 different "resident managers". I put that in quotations because only one of four actually lived in my building. I feel really bad for Mainstreet Equity Corp. property managers really. There's one of them to manage between 8 and 12 buildings. It's no wonder why there is such an incredible turnover, the crap these guys have to deal with!

These overworked resident managers can greatly effect your time at Mainstreet Equity. Think of it this way: new staff, equals training, equals lots of screw ups. Not to mention, they may not be familiar with your building, you as a tenant, or common issues within your building.

They're awesome at being personable, and friendly, and seemingly providing fantastic service, before you move in. In fact, my resident manager was one of the reasons I moved into the property I did. She remembered my name, and answered the phone with it, and was very accommodating in the whole move in process. However, she was gone in less than 6 months.

My next property manager started during my lease drama, and I'm sure that created a lot of the problems I faced in re-signing a lease. She was impossible to get a hold of, her voicemail was always full, and she didn't answer on weekends, even weekends of the first, when rent is paid, new leases are signed, and new tenants move in. She lasted 6 months.

For a long period after my second property manager, we didn't have a resident manager, and the contact was to the Edmonton Office. Finally, we were alerted of our new resident manager, who lived about a 10 minute drive away. It seems she tries, some things have gotten done, like a bed bug spray, and reassigning the parking lot. Unfortunately I have little hope as to the level of service I will receive during my move out process...

I do want to say that I think the problems begin at the at the very top, and it's truly a trickle down of crap. I've experienced the same issues trying to reach someone at head office, as with my resident manager. They are people, and they are trying their best, but when your boss doesn't give a shit about your customers, it's a lot harder for you to. Again, I feel bad for the "resident managers", they're in over their heads....

If you've worked for, or know someone who has worked for Mainstreet, I'd love to hear another side of the story. Feel free to share your Mainstreet Experiences in the comments section.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Landlord Tenant Laws---They skirt around them

If you're not familiar with your Landlord & Tenancy Act, Google it immediately! It's for your own protection. 
In Alberta, this information can be found at:

It seems that Mainstreet does not like the Landlord Tenancy Act. A key example is the 24 hour notice to enter rule. I've had to have a bunch of repairs done on my property, and each time I was asked by the office if I needed 24 hours notice. Of course I do, it's a law! However, in saying that yes I did, I have ALWAYS been responded to with a sigh and "Fine, well, you know it will take longer then right?". Well, jeez, let's just punish the tenant for following the rules. 

I've also had the maintenance guy call me, after requesting repairs, and asking again if I needed 24 hours notice. It's great that you've found the time in your day, but I'm not going to let you roam free in my apartment. 

So you think the rent is cheap right? Well, double check that you don't have an "incentive" worked into your lease. Mainstreet often offers incentives for auto-withdrawal of rent, but keep in mind that they can eliminate that incentive without any notice. 

Case in point: 
I moved into my suite in July of 2011. We asked the current property manager if the existing incentives would continue to a new lease once this one was completed. Her response was that, yes, if I signed another one year lease it would be. So, come early May 2012, I contacted my new resident manager (yet another post) and requested a copy of a new one year lease. I had to request this from her at least four times, and contacted head office. I didn't get a copy until June 12, 2012 (less than a month before my current lease ended). It was then that I saw that they were cutting my incentive in half, bringing my rent up $75 per month. I asked why, and it was based on market values, and they made sure to tell me that they could do it, because it was the incentive being decreased, and not the rent being increased. I was then told I could choose not to sign the lease, but I would have to give a months notice, and would have to pay for all of July, at full market rate. All because they couldn't get me a new lease in time. I may also add that I had to request a new copy, as it was dated incorrectly, and once I signed a properly dated lease, it took them 2 weeks to get me a copy....which I had to threaten that it wouldn't be valid if they didn't get it to me in time. 

Ultimately, I was screwed, strapped over the barrel so to say. I wasn't given the opportunity to find a new home, and no apologies were made. 

Regardless of where you rent, ensure you know your rights. All of them, in detail, and if they even push a little, remind your property manager of the landlord tenancy act. 

An Introduction

Hello to you all!

I've started this blog as a way to warn others about Mainstreet Equity Corp. They have properties all over Canada, and if you're looking for an apartment, you're sure to see postings or advertisements for their properties. You'll think, "Hey, the rent is pretty decent!" or "Sweet, finally somewhere that allows pets", but I urge you to run, run as fast as you can, even to a property like Boardwalk (we will get into that in a later post).

I can say this from my own personal experience. I'm coming up two years with Mainstreet (it would have been a year...but that's another post), and I cannot wait to get out. I feel like I've been bent over a table and raped while they cackled and pointed.

I would like to add also, that I'm a fantastic tenant. Rent is never late, I'm quiet, I'm clean and I only call for repairs when myself, or family members can't fix them. I'm also not a complainer, but I've hit the breaking point.

My personalized posts are in the works as to Why Mainstreet Equity Corp Sucks, but in the meantime, please see the following links for more complaints on these slumlords:


(ALWAYS search the property you're interested in on the above site, Mainstreet or not)






I think that's all for now. I encourage you to keep checking back as I'm sure things will go so fabulously in the next month and a half that I will have many more stories. If you've had a terrible experience, let me know, and I'll share it with the world. GOOD tenants don't deserve that crap that comes with this company.

And remember "It's a Great Day at Mainstreet!"...except if you live here.